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Schulleben Projekte Comenius DeCo Sene is a Comenius-School

Sene is a Comenius-School

The Senefelder-School in Treuchtlingen has reached the status of a Comenius-School. With the peak result of 92,52 points the Sene can now take part in a Comenius-Project, which is called “DeCo”. In the project “DeCo”, which is the short form of “Design ecologically”, pupils analyze ecologically friendly methods of building houses in different regions. As it is an international project, there are also schools from Norway (Mo I Rana), France (Belfort), Belgium (Landen), and Cyprus (Larnaca), which work together with the Senefelder-School. There are so many topics around the “DeCo”-project so that it is very good to have a “Gymnasium”, a “Realschule” and a “Hauptschule” in Treuchtlingen. The school got financial support and a Comenius plaque.

Transferred into English by Tobias Bachmaier, Stefanie Burger, Florian Reil, Christina Schurk, Vera Tschunko and Frank Leiber