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Schulleben Projekte Comenius DeCo Visiting Mo i Rana

Visiting Mo i Rana

From 19th to 23rd October 2009 Mr Holzinger, Mr Maier and Dr Novotny spent some time in Mo i Rana (Norway) where they met the colleagues of the Comenius-partner schools from Belgium, France, Greek Cyprus and Norway. There they planned how to go on with their project “DeCo”, attended Norwegian school lessons and got to know something about the Norwegian culture.

Mo i Rana is a small town with 17,000 inhabitants and is next to one of the countless Norwegian fjords.

In Norway English is the second national language and because of that it was easy to discuss a lot about the face of the website and about the content of the DVD. After these long discussions they had to choose the logo of their project and finally decided to take a Norwegian one.

Now Mr Holzinger, Mr Maier and Dr Novotny are going to create the final meeting of this project in Treuchtlingen in May 2011 as well as it had been organized in Mo I Rana.

Transferred into English by Stephanie Brendel, Anna Lutz, Franziska Müller, Alina Schweinzer and Frank Leiber